Search Engine Optimization Course

Search Engine Optimization Course

Unlock the power of Search Engine Optimization and take your online presence to new heights with my comprehensive Live Online SEO Course in Dubai. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or aspiring SEO professional, this course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in the dynamic world of SEO.

Total: 4 sessions (every Sunday and Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm)

Course Outline

– Learn all things SEO, including website optimization, link building, keyword research, and much more.

– Learn how to optimize your website for search engines to crawl and index and discover how Google indexes pages

– Learn how to write meta descriptions and link text

– Learn how to optimize website content following industry best practices. 

– Learn how internal linking impacts SEO, how to best structure URLs, and the basics of technical SEO.

– Learn about the purpose of keyword research and how it can inform content strategy. 

– Follow a step-by-step process to perform keyword research for a website

– Learn how a topic cluster content strategy can benefit SEO.

– Learn why link building is important for SEO

– Learn how to calculate the number of links a web page needs to rank on page one of Google, and how to build links at scale by building meaningful relationships with the right people that will lead to more links over time. 

– Learn how to implement a key link building tactic step-by-step

– Learn how search engines results pages (SERPs) are structured today and the role that rich results play in them. 

– Learn the purpose of structured data and how to implement this on a website. 

– Learn how to optimize content for featured snippets in Google’s results.

– Learn why reporting on SEO progress is key to success. 

– Determine which metrics need tracking

SEO Course Registration

Course Price: 5,000 AED